Weigh-In-Motion Axle Scales

Perhaps the most advanced portable truck scale series offered by Payload Pros is the weigh-in-motion axle scales. These portable axle scales are quickly become the most popular weighing systems for ease-of-use, accuracy, and dynamic weigh-in-motion capabilities. Weigh-in-motion axle scale scales, (also commonly referred to as in-motion wheel weighers) are lightweight, fully-portable truck axle scales that are engineer for a wide range of industry applications.

portable axle scale system

At Payload Pros, we specialize in many different types of portable axle scales and wheel weigher systems. From basic truck scale systems that are affordable and easy to use to weigh-in-motion axle scale systems designed for heavy-duty mining and agricultural operations, below are some of the various options that we provide.

AXW-Series Weighin-In-Motion Axle Scales axle scale terminal

The AXW-Series of weigh-in-motion axle scales consists of a number of options that are each specifically-engineered for varying levels of weighing capacities as well as industry applications. Each portable axle scale is designed with lightweight removable ramps, making mobility a paramount feature. In addition, each weigh-in-motion truck scale can be integrated with a portable weighing terminal for easy data analysis and tracking. The weighing terminal features a simple operator interface, integrated ticket printer (which enable users to print tickets for axle and total vehicle weights,) as well as weigh study software to make data analysis more organized and accessible

AXW-30 Weigh-In-Motion Axle Scale

The AXW-30 weigh-in-motion axle scale is designed withstand total truck weights of up to 30 tons. This truck scale system is one of the most affordable models, but still provides a high degree of dependability, accuracy, and functionality that most customers need.

AXW-45 Weigh-In-Motion Axle Scale

As the name suggests, the AXW-45 weigh-in-motion axle scale is tailored for total truck weight capacities of up to 45 tons. The AXW-45 scale is the next level up for weighing operations taht demand a little extra weighing capacity.

AXW-95 Weigh-In-Motion Axle Scale

portable axle scale

As the go-to option for customers requiring a high-capacity portable truck weighing scale, the AXW-95 weigh-in-motion axle scale is designed to withstand maximum truck weights of 95 tons. The AXW-95 truck scale is constructed using structural steel to sustain heavy-duty use while maintaining optimal performance.

AXW-110 Weigh-In-Motion Axle Scale

The next level up from the AXW-95 is the the AXW-110 weigh-in-motion axle scale system. The AXW-110 model delivers more weighing capacity as the scale is crafted to withstand weights of up to 110 tons. This unit delivers exceptional performance for heavy-duty weighing applicaitons while retaining an ultra lightweight portable scale solution.

AXIM In-Motion Axle Scales

The AXIM-Series of in-motion axle scales is a different breed of weighing of technology from Payload Pros that enables users to weigh vehicles dynamically. Proven in multiple industries as one of the leading portable axle scale systems, this truck scale provides accurate individual axle weights as well as gross vehicle weights while vehicles pass over the wheel weighers at speeds of about 3 MPH. Below is a video of this axle scale system from our sister company, Ag Weigh, which offers these portable weight scale for trucks in farming and agricultural settings.

Our AXIM axle scales are designed with very simple and low cost installation. A very simple low profile shallow pit is only needed to install the AXIM weigh-in-motion truck scale system. Once installed, loaded trucks can then pass over the wheel axle weighers while moving to capture each axle weight as well as total gross vehicle weight.

axle scale weigh in motion

AXIM axle scales are intricately designed to fully automate virtually any weighing operation to minimize the need of operator to monitor the truck scale system. With RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) integration, our portable axle scales can automatically capture and store your vehicle weights systematically.

To learn more about these advanced weigh-in-motion axle scales, visit our parent company website WalzScale.com.