Volumetric Load Scanner

Image of Roll Off Scale System

Dynamic Volumetric Load Scanning

The Load Scanner is a revolutionary system that offers a more efficient and affordable load management solution compared to most truck scales. Compared to weighing loads with weighbridges and truck scales, Volumetric Load Scanning is a powerful method that can help operations manage their loading and haulage assets. With a load volume scanner system from Payload Pros, you can leverage many tools and features for highly-efficient, yet advanced pay load scanning and data management:

- Verify Truck Body & Tray Design

- Fill Factor Monitoring

- Load Position Monitoring

- Volumetric Production Monitoring

- Material Density

- Carry Back Monitoring
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Load Volume Scanner

Onsite Load Volume Scanner System

The 3D Volumetric Load Scanner can be setup onsite within minutes to provide accurate real time volumetric load verification and advanced imagery.  Below are the standard load volume scanner system components that are provided for our onsite load scanning services.

- Walz Load Volume Scanner

- Laptop PC

- Payload Pro Load Management Software 

Load Volume Scanner Monitoring

Carry Back Monitoring

The 3D Load Scanner is an ideal tool for managing carry back and body/tray design. With this feature, not only can users measure and value their payloads, but they can also ensure proper throughput by assessing the displacement of the load in each truck bed. This makes the load volume scanner system one of the most indispensable pieces of technology for mining site operators and other industry applications.



Load Scanner Placement Distribution

Load Placement & Distribution

The 3D load imagery that's generated using the load volume scanner is ideal for managing load placement and shovel operator training. This feature can help optimize load distribution for greater efficiency in the field.

Truck Bed Load Scanner

Load Scanner Production Studies

With the load scanner, the ability to track actual carried volume in real time per truck is also a great tool for operations looking to perform a production study at their site.
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