Shipping Container Scales

Shipping Container Scale

Now is the time for shippers to invest in shipping container scales. Why has the demand for shipping container weight scales become so critical?

After being approved by the International Maritime Organization's Committee, starting July of 2016, the Safety of Life at Sea program will require packed shipping containers to be weighed and verified before being loaded onto a vessel. Any port where the Safety of Life at Sea program is in effect will be enforcing this requirement. As a result, shippers that fail to properly verify shipping container weight will be in violation.

Accurate Weighing Solutions for Shipping Containers

Payload Pros, together with its parent company Walz Scale have called to the action of this new requirement by offering shippers and related transport companies shipping container scales to effectively, efficiently, and accurately determine the weight of shipping containers before shipment.

shipping container weight scales

Both Payload Pros and Walz Scale offer a complete line of truck scales and digital weighing equipment design to effectively weigh shipping containers. These weighing systems come in many types and can be custom-configured to meet a shippers logistical operations for a fluid and seamless weighing system.

Among the various types of shipping container scales offered at Payload Pros include:Truck Scales Shipping Container Weight

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