Portable Wheel Load Weighers

As one of the most highly-functional and versatile truck scales offered by Payload Pros, our portable wheel weighers are among the most popular weighing solutions for ease-of-use, accuracy, and seamless operation. Portable wheel weigher scales, (also commonly referred to as portable wheel load weighers or portable wheel axle weighers) are lightweight, fully-mobile axle scale systems that are designed to suit a wide variety of applications.

portable wheel load weigher

At Payload Pros, we specialize in offering a complete line of portable wheel weighers. From simple portable scale systems that are affordable and easy to manage to high-capacity, robust wheel load weighers for heavy-duty mining operations, below are some of the various options that we provide.

AXW-Series Wheel Weighers wheel weigher terminal

The AXW-Series of portable wheel weighers is comprised of several different models that are designed for specific applications and weighing capacities. Included with every AXW wheel axle weigher are lightweight removable ramps, which makes set-up and takedown very easy. Additionally, each system can be equipped with a portable weighing terminal that includes an operator interface, integrated printer (which allows for the printing of axle and total vehicle weight for tickets), and weigh study software to make data more organized, accessible, and easy to interpret.

AXW-30 Wheel Weigher

The AXW-30 portable wheel weigher is designed withstand total truck weights of up to 30 tons. This wheel load weigher is one of the most economical options, but still provides the level of dependability and functionality that most users need in the field.

AXW-45 Wheel Weigher

The AXW-45 wheel weigher is designed withstand total truck weights of up to 45 tons. The AXW-45 wheel axle weigher is step-up for those who need additional weighing capacity given their unique operations.

AXW-95 Wheel Weigher 

portable wheel weigher

As a popular choice for those who require a high-capacity weighing system, the AXW-95 wheel weigher is designed withstand total truck weights of up to 95 tons. The AXW-95 model is built from high strength structural steel to offer heavy-duty performance.

AXW-110 Wheel Weigher

Similar to the AXW-95, the AXW-110 portable wheel weigher scale offers greater capacity as the system is designed withstand weights of up to 110 tons. This unit delivers an ultra lightweight portable scale solution, while still providing the durability and accuracy to generate axle and total vehicle weights.

AXIM In-Motion Wheel Weighers

The AXIM-Series in-motion wheel weighers allow for the weighing of vehicle dynamically or in-motion. As one of the most advanced portable wheel weighers, this system delivers accurate individual axle weights and gross vehicle weights while the vehicle is in motion. Below is a video of this system from our sister company, Ag Weigh, which offers these portable wheel load weighers for farmers and ag producers.

Our AXIM portable wheel load weighers are designed with very simple and low cost installation. To install the AXIM scale system, a very simple low profile shallow pit is only required. Once installed, vehicles can then drive over the wheel axle weigher system while in-motion to capture each axle and total gross vehicle weight.

wheel axle weigher in motion

AXIM scales are available to fully automate your weighing system to eliminate the need of an operator to man the scale system. With RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) integration, our portable wheel axle weighers can automatically capture and store your vehicle weights systematically.

HDAW-Series Wheel Load Weighers

The HDAW-Series of portable wheel load weighers have been designed for extremely heavy-duty weighing operations in harsh conditions. The aluminum construction and integrated ramps of these portable truck weigh scales offers a completely portable design while maintaining superior accuracy without needing constant calibration.

portable wheel axle weigher

Oversized mining trucks, vehicles, and heavy axle loads are ideal uses for the HDAW-Series. These portable wheel weighers come complete with two weighing pads, access ramps and a digital weighing terminal. Additionally, our HDAW-Series wheel axle weighers are developed to weigh large OTR tires. With the oversized design and extreme capacity of these scales, you can effectively and efficiently weigh your off-road vehicles in the location of your choice. These robust wheel weighers are suitable for applications like mining, farming, freight, and shipping.