Truck Scales for Rent

Portable Truck Scale Rental

Ideal for short-term weighing needs, Payload Pros provides truck scale rental solutions, and in many forms. When portability is an important aspect of your weighing needs, we provide portable truck scales for rent. We also provide truck scale rentals for many other systems that demand more advanced weighing needs.

Why Get Truck Scales for Rent from Payload Pros?

At Payload Pros, we are industry leader in advanced weighing solutions for many different industries and applications. We understand the unique needs of our customers, and we know that some operations just can't afford (or simply do not need) to invest in their own truck scale system. For this reason, we offer affordable and flexible truck scales for rent, and with many options. Whether you need a portable scale to weigh trucks, or something a bit more robust like a rail scale system for high-volume needs, Payload Pros is your single source solutions for all of your truck scale rental needs.

Truck Scales for Rent

At Payload Pros, we provide cost-effective, highly-reliable truck scale rental solutions for a wide range of needs. Customers who rent truck scales from us can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Like-New Truck Scales for Rent
  • Fully-Tested & Calibrated Truck Scales for Rent
  • Truck Scale Rentals That Offer Certified Accuracy
  • Many Options, Including Portable Truck Scales for Rent

Whether you're looking for a portable truck scale rental or more comprehensive and advanced truck scales for rent, we can help find a dependable solution to handle your weighing needs./p>

Portable Truck Scales for Rent

Portable Truck Scales for Rent

Portable truck scales for rent offer a convenient and efficient solution when portability is a crucial element of load management and overall productivity. Ideal for customers who need a truck scale rental to help with their construction, excavation, waste management, mining or resource extraction business, a portable truck scale rental offers an affordable and reliable means to handle all types of weighing needs and applications.

To learn more about our truck scale rental solutions, or to request a quote, please contact us today.

AXW 30T Portable Truck Scales for Rent

The AXW-30T portable truck scales for rent are designed for weighing operations that transport 30 tons or less per load. These portable weigh scales are engineered to provide seamless, accurate weight measurement with the option of static or dynamic (in-motion) weighing.

30T Portable Truck Scale for Rent

AXW-30 Series scales are crafted from a single piece of aluminum, delivering an ultra light weight portable scale to weigh trucks, while providing accurate axle and total vehicle weights. The in-motion weighing feature is very beneficial for high-traffic operations, making this a popular option among portable truck scale rentals.

AXW 45T Portable Truck Scales for Rent

45T Portable Truck Scale for rent

The AXW-45T portable truck scales for rent are designed to handle rugged and heavy-duty applications that involve weighing vehicles of up to 45 tons. Our AXW-45 Series of portable truck scale rentals deliver reliable measurements for large vehicles like haul trucks. This portable truck scale rental is a popular and dependable solution for many different users

See the AXW-Series portable truck scales systems in action by checking out the video below. This series is among the various options for portable truck scale rentals by Payload Pros.