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Rail Scale Portable

Portable, Static, & In-motion Rail Scale Systems

Payload Pro's rail scales offer an advanced means for rail car weight management. We offer a number of rail scales that can be integrated in many different applications. From portable rail scales for convenience and portability to in-motion rail scales for optimal efficiency, you can trust Payload Pros for dependable and precisely accurate rail scale systems. We even provide rail scale rentals for short-term demands.

A rail scale system can help advance your payload management processes to the next level. Users who work with high-volume loads where efficiency is of the essence, rail weigh scales can provide the most seamless and cost-effective solution to determine payload value. Learn more about some the advantages of our rail scales below.

in motion rail scales

Advantages of Our Rail Scale Solutions

Below is a list of benefits and advantages that can be leveraged by utilizing our on-site rail scale solutions.

  • Verify Rail Car Weights (trains and locomotives)
  • General Purpose Weighing
  • Inventory Control
  • Rail Scale Rentals for Short Term Needs
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Portable Scale Operation

Portable Rail Scales

Our portable rail scale systems can be easily carried by two men to its destination and installed within minutes. Once the portable rail scale is fully installed, the customer is given weights for individual wheels, axles and carriages to proper allow even weight distribution.

Rail Scales

The portable rail scales that we provide offer superior accuracy, in addition to providing unparalleled flexibility. Due to our rail scales' incredible portability and ease of installation, portable rail scales can produce weight data on multiple lines or positions.

A standard rail scale system takes minutes to install or move to another set of train tracks. As a result, these rail weigh systems offer one of the most versatile and convenient weighing systems for heavy-duty payload weighing and management, such as for farming, construction, waste management, and mining operations.

In-Motion Rail Scales

Our dynamic in-motion rail scales allow for weighing of rail car axles, wagons and trains while "in-motion." Similar to the latter rail scale system, our in-motion rail scales can be transported by two men to a rail car in any location.

Check out the in-motion rail scale system that's offered by Payload Pros. This is one of the most advanced rail scale systems that provides a highly accurate and efficient means to weigh rail car loads.

Rail Weigh SCales

This in-motion rail scale system is specifically engineered to pinpoint and identify individual axle weight overloads. If these overloads go undetected, the outcome could lead to excessive wear and stress to rail car wheel profiles, axle boxes, bearings, gear boxes, drive units and suspension components. As a result, the in-motion rail scale is an ideal train weighing solution to provide check-weighing results for heavy-duty load management.

in motion rail scales

Seamless Rail Scale Installation

Installing rail scales is a seamless process that takes less than an hour. In fact, the patented design of these rail scale systems enables our team to install rail scales in about 15-30 minutes after arriving onsite. Unlike other costly weigh scales, like weighbridges, this can make for a fast solution that delivers impactful results. Check out the video below to learn more about the rail scale installation process.

To learn more about our portable and in-motion rail scale solutions, or to request a quote, please contact us today.