On-board Weighing Systems

on-board wheel loader weighing system

Custom On-board Weigh Scales for Trucks & Loaders

on-board weighing systems readoutWhen it comes to on-board weighing systems for trucks and heavy-duty equipment, Payload Pros (together with parent company Walz Scale) are the industry-leading solution for highly-advanced on-board weighing systems. Spanning from on-board truck scales to on-board weighing systems for wheel loaders, we custom-integrate on-board units for many high-capacity vehicles.

Unlike external scale units that are designated for specific weighing sites, on-board weighing systems provide the ultimate in efficiency and throughput. Because operators can immediately record and print-out weight data from the convenience of the cab, on-board weighing systems can revolutionize the payload management processes for many industry applications.

On-board Weighing Systems for Loaders

on-board weighing system for loaders

On-board Loader Scale Applications

Payload Pros offers a complete range of on-board weighing systems for loaders. Some of the most common applications of these on-board weigh scale systems are: 

  • Wheel Loader Scales
  • Industrial Loader Scales
  • Skid Steer Loader Scales
  • Backhoe Loader Scales 

On-board weighing scales can be integrated on virtually any make and model loader with the proper configuration. These systems also come with many different options that include certain features and benefits.

on-board weighing system scale for skid loader

For instance, the on-board wheel loader scales alone offer three types: WK50, WK50S, and WK50XS. These on-board weighing systems for loaders provide operators with a seamless weighing process, advanced throughput, and enhanced efficiency. When customers invest in on-board loader scale system from Payload Pros, they can take advantage of the following features and benefits:

  • On-board systems are applicable for all wheel loaderson-board loader weigh scale
  • Operation of the scale unit is very simple and easy to use
  • The graphical operator interface provides clear weight readouts
  • On-board weighing systems for loaders provide consistently precise results in tough conditions
  • The robust on-board scale design makes for low maintenance requirements
  • On-board weighing scales for loaders are field installable and serviceable
  • Systems come equipped with can-bus communications and multiple communication protocol options
  • All on-board weigh systems for trucks and load offer in-motion weighing capabilities
  • Several loader weighing system offer built-in ticket printing

For more information on on-board loader scale applications, specifications, and pricing, see the complete offering of loader scales at WalzScale.com.

On-board Truck Scales on-board weighing systems

In addition to loaders and other unique transport vehicles, Payload Pros provides a full spectrum of on-board truck scales and advanced weighing systems. Some of the most common applications of these on-board truck scales are:

  • Haul Truck Scales
  • Articulated Truck Scales
  • Underground Truck Scales
  • Lift Truck Scales
  • Dump Truck Scales
  • Refuse Truck Scale
  • Cement Truck Scale
  • On-board Tractor/Trailer Scales

on-board truck weighing system

While many applications of on-board truck scales is unique, most weighing systems provide similar cutting-edge features and capabilities across the board. on-board scale software

Software-Integrated On-board Weighing Systems

These on-board weigh scales for trucks can also be integrated with specialized software for payload and production management. For instance, the Payload Pro Production Management Application is specifically designed for operations looking to optimize production and manage stock pile inventories. Together with the complete suite of Payload Pro software apps, operators can better manage their production on all of their payload devices.

Payload Pros is your comprehensive solution for on-board weighing systems for trucks, loaders, and other specialized vehicles. To learn more about about wide range of on-board truck scales, visit Walz On-board a division of Walz Scale and parent company of Payload Pros.